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Kids Pillow Hoodie

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Kids like the Pillow Hoodie because it changes from a stuffed animal into a wearable hoodie.  It's comfortable to wear outside and inside.  Your children can wear it to keep warm at home, watching TV, playing video games, participating in sports events, camping, sleeping, reading or as a pillow/blanket on road trips.   Made of soft and warm selected polyester.   Approx. 11" x 9".  Blue (unicorn), pink (rose red cat), green (dinosaur) and navy blue (dog).  One size fits all.  Made for kids up to 12 years of age.  

 ***** SOLD OUT - pink dog, light green cow, coffee dog, purple owl *****


1. Zip to open 2. Pull out hoodie 3. Turns into a hoodie

Great for playtime, nap time, anytime!





Provide birthday gifts, back to school, Easter, Christmas, graduation ceremony or gifts for all children, grandchildren or nephews. It brings happiness for them!


Thick design, warm through winter Plant printing and dyeing process, protect baby Thick design, warm through winter


When you let your child leave it, it's easy to wash! Just put it in a cold water wash and then dry it at low temperatures. Just like new ones.


Blanket sweatshirt, shark vest, warm, soft, comfortable, wearable sherpa hoodie.